Thursday, 18 September 2014

Project Focus: Shoppers Drug Mart - Square One Shopping Centre - New Interior Fit-Up

If you've been to Square One Shopping Centre recently, you may have noticed the major expansion to the north west area of the building. According the press release, $84-million is being invested into a major renovation of the common areas, food court and shopper amenities. The design vision aims to infuse exciting architecture and create a sense of place throughout.

The north west expansion is also home to the newly-renovated Shoppers Drug Mart. We worked with Shopper's to create a unique store front using customized glazing and sleek black metal sign boxes around the perimeter of the store.

This job wasn't without its challenges. All building service lines run through this store location so it was necessary to drop the store ceiling height to accommodate the service lines. Royalty's team made it work and on tight timelines.

Project Manager: Mark Fazio 
Site Supervisor: Tom Allardyce and Serge Persaud

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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Project Focus: Four New Boutique Stores Open at Toronto Pearson

Toronto Pearson has been taking great strides to offer the best possible retail experience for travellers and visitors alike bringing global retailers onto the local runway. Recently Royalty finished a four-part project with The Nuance Group, a global leader in travel retail. 

Located in Terminal 1 domestic departures and covering approximately 215 square meters of space, the new stores feature four prestigious brands: Aveda, Jo Malone, MAC Cosmetics and Victoria's Secret.

These are exciting times at Toronto Pearson and you could say that it has been our second home. We're excited to be working with innovative organizations like The Nuance Group and Toronto Pearson on projects like these that push the boundaries of travel-based retail development.

Project Manager: Mark Fazio
Site Supervisor: Mike Sheridan

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